Who we are?

We are a collective of consultants with a passion for hemp in our region! Our various representatives each have different strengths and together our knowledge can help your grow thrive! 

Our Experience

Are you looking for help with your hemp grow? 

We can help! We offer many years of experience growing cannabis. From planning and logistics to care and pests, we can help your grow thrive!

Why Us?

We have a passion for hemp and want to see it succeed in Georgia! 

We want Georgia to become a branch of high standard producers of this nation, as it was a few centuries ago. Let's work together to make sure this plant helps our state with medicine, materials, and ecological growth! 

We've been personally observing the benefits of CBD for almost a decade, when the first studies of this important substance started being released. Many of our consultants and their family members have been utilizing hemp to treat various health issues for years, and we have experienced the benefits of this natural plant firsthand. That's one of the top reasons we have a passion for Hemp!!!

We specialize in outdoor or greenhouse, soil mediums and organic growing techniques, but also have experience with hydroponic and indoor growing too! 

Our experienced team of consultants can help, just reach out to schedule an onsite or virtual consultation today!

Our team has over 30 years of combined experience in the industry. 

About Our Services


Crop Care

Organic Focus

Organic Focus

Helping with common issues such as nutrients, pests, and other common problems.  


Organic Focus

Organic Focus

Organic Focus

We specialize in organic methods and natural soil medium, but also help with many other options. 



Organic Focus


Consulting with logistical issues such as crop placement, perma-culture, and sustainability methods.  

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